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$7.99/year (20% OFF)

  • 10 customizable products
  • Unlimited customizations
  • 0% transaction fee
  • 100 orders / month
  • 10 GB for customer images
  • Support by email
  • Qstomizer logo
15 Days free trial

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$23.99/year (20% OFF)

  • 30 customizable products
  • Unlimited customizations
  • 0% transaction fee
  • 250 orders / month
  • 50 GB for customer images
  • Priority Support by email
  • Whitelabel
15 Days free trial



$39.99/year (20% OFF)

  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited customizations
  • 0% transaction fee
  • Unlimited orders / month
  • Unlimited customer images
  • Priority Support by email / Live Chat
  • Whitelabel
15 Days free trial

Detailed feature list:

Customizable products
Product in designer
This is the number of products available in your designer. A single product can contain multiple sizes and colors.
10 30 Unlimited
Unlimited customizations / Views
Unlimited customizations
Your customers can make unlimited customizations in your store.
Media Storage
Media Storage
Global space available to store the images and documents uploaded by your customers.
10 Gb 50 Gb Unlimited
Orders / Month
Orders / Month
Custom orders per month allowed. An order can contain multiple items (customized or not) and quanitites.
100 250 Unlimited
Product views / Sides 2 4 25
Unlimited image / file uploads
Unlimited image / file uploads
There is no limit on the number of images that a customer can upload using the tool.
0% transaction fee
No transacion fee
You only pay the subscription. You do not have any additional fee per any customized product sold.
Max. upload per single image/document
Max. Upload
This is the maximum file size that a customer can upload for a single file.
5Mb 20Mb 100Mb
Text tools
Text Tool
Your customer can add text or circular texts, change the path of the text, fill with plain color or textures, add or not a stroke, change stroke width, etc...
Curved / Circular text
Curved / Circular text
Tool to manage a circular text.
Google Fonts
Google Fonts
You can select any Google Text Font to customize the products.
Custom TTF Fonts
TTF Fonts
Upload your own custom fonts in TTF format.
Mobile version
Mobile version
Expecific version for small screens (cell phones and tablets).
Upload from device / camera
Multi Lang / Translation Tool
Automatic translations. Tool to modify the messages and texts of the storefront app.
Basic Clipart Gallery (100)
Basic Clipart Gallery
A set of mixed cliparts that the customer can use to customize the product (100 different clipart images)
Custom Clipart Gallery
Custom clipart
Upload your own custom clipart images in categories ready for being using to customize your products.
Free updates
Free Updates
All the updates of the tool are free and applied automatically.
QR Code
QR Code
Tool to generate QR codes to add to the design.
Upload from Facebook / Instagram
Image Editing Tool
Image tool
Tool to modify the images uploaded. colourize, cropping, sharpen, filters, resizing, add stickers, arrows, etc..
Save / Load design
Save / Load
Customer can save and load a design anytime. The design can be saved and loaded into a different product.
Themes / CSS Styling
Theme Styles
Modify the look of the tool by using themes or fit it to your specific requirements using CSS.
Auto Product removal / Set to Draft
Product Removal / Draft
A tool to automatically delete or unpublish (set to draft) every product created by the app. You can set a rule to automatically make not visible the products in the store after a certain amount of time.
Fill text w/textures
Text Textures
You can upload textures (ie, glitter, wood.. etc) to fill the text used by yoru clients.
Bulk Variant Selector
Bulk Variant Selector
Allows your buyers to add multiple variations of a product to their cart from single customization. For instance, for a tshirt; select quantities and variations (color, sizes, etc) in the same customization.
Pre-made designs
Pre-made design templates
Allows you to offer your customers pre-decorated products instead of having them personalize your products from scratch. You can create as many pre-made templates as you need.
Custom Price Policies
Custom price
Set a custom price policy for the customization. For instance, add a price for image uploaded, for a text, depending the sides customized, number of chars in a text, etc.
Auto Image Filters & CMYK
Image Filters
Create automatic filters to the images / files uploaded by the client like convert to B/W or colourize or convert images to CMYK.
PDF Uploads
Customer can upload files in PDF format. You can download the original PDF file from the backend
Free Premium Clipart Gallery (10.500+)
Premium Clipart Gallery
A set of more than 10.000 FREE full color clipart images divided into categories that your customers can use for product customizations.
Free Premium Images (7.000+)
Premium Images
A set of more than 7.000 FREE high quality images divided into categories that your customers can use for product customizations.
AI Remove Background tool
AI Background removal
Unlimited background removal tool using Artificial Intelligence (AI).
No Qstomizer Logo / Whitelabel
CDR / AI / PSD / EPS Uploads
File uploads
The customer can upload CDR / AI / PSD / EPS files. The original files are also available from the app backend.
Quantity Discounts
Qty Discounts
Apply discounts depending on the quanties ordered by the client. Can be set by a fixed quantity or a proportional discount.
Support Email Email Email / Live Chat

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